BW Aurora apartment

project: BW Aurora apartment field: Interior design year:

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A21 West Apartment

  project: A21 WEST apartmentfield: Interior design year: ...


MIVU sofas

  MIVU SOFAS field: Custom-made Sofas design: Mivu

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SOFA system Diverso

  project: SOFA system Diverso field: Furniture design year: ...

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MIVU furniture

    MIVU FURNITURE field: Custom-made ...

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Waterfront apartment

project: Waterfront apartmentfield: Interior design year: 2020 design: ...

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5K identity

  project: 5K identity field: Identity redesign & Interior ...

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5K restaurant

project: 5K restaurant field: Interior design & Identity year: ...

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MP Lounge & Offices

project: Lounge & Offices field: interior design year: ...

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  project: SUPER BABI restaurant field: interior ...


M-RIG furniture

project: M-RIG furniture field: Furniture design year: 2020 design: ...

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Red Cherry

project: RED CHERRY restaurant field: interior & corporate ...


Corporate Identities


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HEXO marble dock

  Handrcafted from black marble and white carrara marble with ...

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MARCHE restaurants

  project: MARCHE restaurants field: interior design year:

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Tablet Laptop & Women’s Pouch

Protects all your essentials Inner pockets and outer pocket Premium ...

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Phone Sleeve

  This leather phone sleeve is designed to hold your phone and 1 ...

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Backpack LM

BACKPACK This minimalistic looking backpack is perfect for personal ...

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Mini Backpack

  MINI BACKPACK "Perfect side bag for all your ...

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T-Shirts // WOMEN

  T-shirts for Women  - 142 g/m² - 100% cotton,  - Sizes: ...

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T-Shirts // MEN

T-shirts for Men // COMING SOON - 140 gsm- 100% cotton, ring-spun ...

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Slim Card Wallet

  Handcrafted Slim Card Wallet can be used as a business card ...

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Phone Case Wallet

  Phone Wallet Case Beautiful, simple, phone wallet case, is ...